The Sheboygan Press May 24, 2009 issue under Schools section have recognized Danielle for her soon to be published poem.  We are proud of our 9 year old Princess, Danielle.  Her poem, "Dream Images" was selected to be published in Creative Communication, A Celebration of Today's Writers.  She will be a published writer and has begun to have fan mail.  A fan from our community was moved by reading Danielle's poem.  She wrote a beautiful card of praise and sent along a check for ten dollars made out to Danielle.  Way to go Danielle!!!


Horse you glide like a streak  through the cold drizzling river.

When I come next to the river shore,

Your mane is wild with energy of its own. 

I wish I could ride you soaring through the meadow wind

But I not dare for I shall scare your happiness near this riverbed. 

I will come back to ride you,

But for now I will give you a nice pat. 

I have to go back to the busy city. 

I will miss you! 

The city is no place for such a beauty like you. 

Please remember me horse. 

The countryside is your home.

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