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Sarah Part 2…

July 29, 2009

Well the weather really was awesome the second day out…we had some golden light, some nice diffused light at the beach, and we even found some nice flowers…

Kohler senior photography_6200

Kohler senior photography_6604

Kohler Senior Photography_6482
Sheboygan wedding photography IMG_5095

Sheboygan wedding photography_5439

Sehboygan wedding photography_5043

Wedding photography_5068-Edit

Sheboygan wedding photography_5059

Sheboygan wedding photography_4423

Sheboygan wedding photography_4574

Sheboygan wedding photography_5750
Sheboygan wedding photography_5034

Kohler senior photography_6057

Kohler senior_5893

Kohler senior photography_6073


July 27, 2009

Senior photography_3746-Edit

Senior photography_3825

Fog bank rolled in during the shoot; it sure added a new element to the picture…

Senior photography_3929

Senior photography_3836-Edit

Caitlyn and Andrew…

July 26, 2009

Couple photography sheboygan_2970-Edit-2


Sheboygan couple_3083


July 25, 2009

Sheboygan Senior Photography_3335-Edit

Sheboygan senior photography_3246-Edit
Sheboygan Senior Photography_2988-Edit


July 23, 2009

Sheboygan senior photography_2713-Edit

Sheboygan senior_2725-Edit

Sheboygan Senior Photorgaphy_2834

Sheboygan senior photography_3425

Sheboygan senior photography_3411

Turning 6 months…

July 23, 2009
We all tried to get some wonderful baby smiles and to no avail… next time it sounds like we'll have to bring in the heavy hitters (grandpa)…

Sheboygan Baby Picture_2072

Sheboygan Baby Picture1_2072

Christina Senior…

July 21, 2009
So my kids were at a church club for the past couple of days and low and behold Christina was there as well.  So when I showed up for the session she had compassion for me because she had met my highly motivated son…

Kohler Senior225

Kohler senior photograghy375

Kohler Senior323

Some super golden light to light up the hair…and a little lens flare…

Kohler Senior413

Samantha and Fans…

July 15, 2009

Well without great fans like your mom and best friend senior pictures just would not be the same…oh by the way if you need a great softball player on your team here is a great choice…



Sheboygan softball picture