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Here is a quick collage of pictures….more to come soon….

Sheboygan engagment picture 6
Half way through the session I found out that D's mom had called to remind that she has not taken a decent photo since her high school senior pictures and that the pressure was on to to get some really great shot.  So I told D. if I had known that sooner we would have been working that much harder….just kidding these two had a great time….if you email me at, I will send you a great picture of A. goofing around……I am sure it could be used for blackmail……

Sheboygan engagement picture 1

Sheboygan engagement picture 5

Sheboygan engagement picture 2

Sheboygan engagement picture 3

Sheboygan engagement picture

Sheboygan engagement picture 4

Spring flowers….

May 29, 2009

Sheboygan tulip

Sheboygan flower

S & C are blessed to have such a wonderful family and we had great day for taking pictures.  C had told me she wanted to wear long sleeves and we couldn't have ordered up any better weather cause the day before was much hotter (that is relative only if you live in Sheboygan).

Sheboygan family photo1

Sheboygan family photo

Sheboygan family photography1

Sheboygan Children Photography

Sheboygan Children Photography2

All I can say is we had fun… from jumping off the amp. to having a guy come by and giving encouragement of more soul… having T watch the cars so we would not get run over.


Sheboygan_teen 1

Sheboygan_teen 3

Sheboygan_teen 2

Well K had called about doing a model shoot for her portfolio…we couldn't have asked for better weather, after my last 2 shoots I figure I was due some good light and not freezing temps or rain.