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Thanks W. family for the great time, hope the kids had enough energy to make it back to school…..

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Christmas is coming…..

October 25, 2008

So we have our Christmas card DONE….wow….I think this is the earliest that we have ever gotten something like this completed…this year my dad helped us take the pic, and our new tenant helped me rescue the couch off the side of the road  late one night…..

Georgia Christmas card 2008web

So N. has had this gift certificate from her loving husband since Christmas…been waiting for the fall colors…and a 26th birthday she won’t forget for a while – just think of the traffic N.


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Would like to wish J a fast and speedy recovery….here are some pics to bring a smile on your face.





Fun session….quick peek

October 29, 2007

Got a call from S in Colorado to do a photo session in Wisconsin….I would like to wish S good luck in his travels….




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