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Honolulu, Hawaii has so many awesome spots for a family shoot, if you are thinking of a hawaii beach photo sessions, or tropical lush setting, give me a call and lets get it scheduled.

Hawaii Family Photo1

Hawaii Family Photo2

Well Sheboygan,WI  was blessed with some very mild fall days this year, this happened to be one of them making for some awesome photography.   We found some awesome setting in Kohler ,Wi.

After much debate and agonizing over the type of dog and we introduce Kaiulani a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel…  

Sheboygan pet photography_7781

Isn't she a darling?  We just adore her… especially our son Nicholas who takes her out early in the morning to do her business.  She is almost 10 weeks old.  We first met her when she was 3 days old, still eyes closed.  

Sheboygan pet photography_7789 

Sheboygan children photography_7813

Three years old and cute…

September 13, 2009

Sheboygan children photography_6168

Sheboygan children photography_6260

Sheboygan children photography_6222

Sheboygan family photography_6339

Sheboygan children photography_6539

Sheboygan children photography_6506
It is time for family portraiture again…

Sheboygan family photography_0050

Sheboygan family photography_9960

Sheboygan family photography_9970

Around 5:30 Sunday the weather was questionable at best (see picture below) since postponing it was not an option I proceeded to the beach house… as we were getting ready for the group picture we encountered a hornet nest under the deck.  Luckily no one had a bad reaction to it.  Sheboygan thunder storm picture_1952


Sheboygan beach photography_2384

Sheboygan beach photography_2422

Shebohgan beach photography_2402

Sheboygan beach photography_2336

Sheboygan beach photography_2243

Turning 6 months…

July 23, 2009
We all tried to get some wonderful baby smiles and to no avail… next time it sounds like we'll have to bring in the heavy hitters (grandpa)…

Sheboygan Baby Picture_2072

Sheboygan Baby Picture1_2072

S & C are blessed to have such a wonderful family and we had great day for taking pictures.  C had told me she wanted to wear long sleeves and we couldn't have ordered up any better weather cause the day before was much hotter (that is relative only if you live in Sheboygan).

Sheboygan family photo1

Sheboygan family photo

Sheboygan family photography1

Sheboygan Children Photography

Sheboygan Children Photography2
Just wanted to thank C and A for putting up with us this past week….while we toured the nations capital.
Sheboygan_child 3 
Sheboygan_child 2


A bet had been placed as to whether J and L would call Sunday afternoon regarding a promised photo shoot…as I stepped into the house at 2:30 pm who should be calling but J wanting to see if I was still game…and after braving the cold elements here are some of the pics…

K family 5
K- family