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A Door County Wedding…

September 16, 2009
We've know Kelleigh since she was a child…
Kelleigh has become a beautiful young woman inside and out… a married woman now. Congratulations Kelleigh & Matt.
Egg harbor wedding photography_6900

Her brother gives her a kiss hours before her ceremony.  
Door County Wedding Photography_6912

The Bride and her Dad…  she's Daddy's girl.
Door County wedding photography_7236

Family enjoy a moment together…Door County Wedding Photography_7205

The Groom and his mom… her only son.
Egg harbor wedding photography_6947

Door County wedding photography_7090

Door County wedding photography_7317

Egg harbor wedding_6732

Door County Wedding Photography_9068
Door County wedding photography_8958

Door County Wedding Photography_8938

Door County Wedding Photography_9105
The Gorgeous Bride…Sheboygan falls wedding_5326

Bride and her father…
Kohler terry andrae park wedding_4194

Perfect weather…
Kohler terry andrae_4210

Kohler terry andrae park wedding_4477

Kohler terry andrae park wedding_0465

In the dunes at Kohler-Andrae State Park
Kohler terry andrae park wedding_4965 2

Kohler terry andrae wedding photography_5207

Sheboygan falls wedding_5385

Sheboygan falls wedding photography_5289

Sheboygan falls wedding photography_5761

Kohler terry andrae_5935
7 years in the making they finally tie the knot.  It was a wonderful day with great weather, all week we had questionable weather and the day after it rained all day…
Sheboygan wedding photography_1106


Sheboygan wedding photography_1171

Bide and father going down the steps at Blue Harbor Resort

Sheboygan wedding photography_1312
Blue Harbor
Sheboygan wedding photography_1385

Sheboygan wedding photography_1342

Sheboygan wedding photography_0132

Sheboygan wedding photography_1402

Sheboygan wedding photography_1767

Sheboygan wedding photography_1783

Sheboygan wedding photography_2232

Sheboygan wedding photography_2251
Sheboygan wedding photography_9188

Sheboygan wedding photography_7519

Sheboygan wedding photography_7404

Sheboygan wedding photography_7600

Sheboygan wedding photographty_8434

Sheboygan wedding photography_9975


Sheboygan wedding photography_0014

Sheboygan wedding photography_9030

Sheboygan wedding photography_9118

Sheboygan wedding photography_9155

Sheboygan wedding photography_9195

The sun was just right and the wind was just enough to keep all those in suits cool.   The carriage whisked the newlyweds away… lovely.



Sheboygan wedding photography_4111

Sheboygan wedding photography_4403

Sheboygan wedding photography_4469
Sheboygan wedding photography_4957

Sheboygan wedding photography_5199-2

Sheboygan wedding photography_4966

Sheboygan wedding photography_4900

Sheboygan wedding photography correct 5491
Congratulations Chris and Rachael… please try and do things in order from now on…












Fun pictures at the Osthoff Resort… 

Chad and Holly1618-2-Edit-2print

Elkhart lake wedding photography1358-2

Elkhart lake wedding photography1361-2

Elkhart lake wedding photography1313-2

Elkhart wedding photography1752-2

Elkhart Lake wedding photography1732-2

Elkhart wedding photography1570-2

Chad and Holly1249-2-Editprint
Sheboygan wedding photography IMG_5095

Sheboygan wedding photography_5439

Sehboygan wedding photography_5043

Wedding photography_5068-Edit

Sheboygan wedding photography_5059

Sheboygan wedding photography_4423

Sheboygan wedding photography_4574

Sheboygan wedding photography_5750
Sheboygan wedding photography_5034