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Tis the time for high school senior photography.  If you know a senior who still needs pictures have them call the studio @ 920-208-7779.

Sheboygan WI, Senior Photo

Sheboygan, WI

Sheboygan WI, North High Senior

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Lake Michigan

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Sheboygan photography

If you are a junior, and are interested in being a model rep (we have some great things that we are giving away like an ipad) for the studio please call (920-208-7779) or send us an email…we are gearing up for spring( if that ever happens here in WI…cross my fingers)

More senior pictures to come…

Kohler High Photography
Kohler High School

Kohler Wi, Photography

Sheboygan Wi, Photography

If you still have a senior that has not had their senior pictures taken, give the studio a call.   920-208-7779

Kohler senior photography

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All week we had miserable weather and the day of Brittney's session was no exception, slight drizzle and overcast, but still got great images…thanks to Brittney for being a good sport…and her dad Jeff…

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