Honolulu, Hawaii has so many awesome spots for a family shoot, if you are thinking of a hawaii beach photo sessions, or tropical lush setting, give me a call and lets get it scheduled.

Hawaii Family Photo1

Hawaii Family Photo2

High School Senior

Sheboygan Falls Senior Photography

Contemporary Impressions Photography

Sheboygan Senior Photography

Oostburg Senior Photography

Tis the time for high school senior photography.  If you know a senior who still needs pictures have them call the studio @ 920-208-7779.

Sheboygan WI, Senior Photo

Sheboygan, WI

Sheboygan WI, North High Senior

Sheboygan North Senior Photography

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Pet photography Sheboygan Wi

Winter photography

Sheboygan WI

Sheboygan photography

If you are a junior, and are interested in being a model rep (we have some great things that we are giving away like an ipad) for the studio please call (920-208-7779) or send us an email…we are gearing up for spring( if that ever happens here in WI…cross my fingers)

More senior pictures to come…

Kohler High Photography
Kohler High School

Kohler Wi, Photography

Sheboygan Wi, Photography

So if you have a wedding in Sheboygan in winter say January time frame chances are it could be cold!  Nonetheless Kathryn and Josh, had a fabulous wedding.   The wedding started out in Sheboygan falls at the
Faith United Methodist Church, is a very charming church.

Sheboygan Wedding Photography

Sheboygan Falls Wedding Photography

Sheboygan Bride photo by Dan Georgia

Sheboygan, Wedding photography by Dan Georgia

Kohler wedding photography

Sheboygan Wedding photography

We had to make a stop for some coffee, at the American Club in Kohler, WI.   Kohler has numerous venues that make for awesome wedding photography, I would love to shoot a a weding at Riverbend, Black Wolf Run, and  Whistling Straits which has wonderful grasses and stone buildings.

Kohler WI, Wedding Photography

Breaking bread

The reception was held at Breaking Bread, which provided a very intimate venu. Congratulations Kathryn & Josh.

Well Sheboygan,WI  was blessed with some very mild fall days this year, this happened to be one of them making for some awesome photography.   We found some awesome setting in Kohler ,Wi.